FENCE Horse Trials  

April 16-17, 2016

USEA Recognized Event!

STADIUM Order Of Go!!!!!
FENCE Facility Map
THE SCHEDULE for the Weekend!

nothing else matters, right?
Party for Competitors 
& Guests!!!
IMPORTANT.... NEW 2016 USEF Vaccination Rule
Read the new rule in it's entirety here 
In short, if you are coming to FENCE Horse Trials April 16 & 17 be sure to have a copy of your horse's CURRENT VACCINATION RECORD within 6 months. This means either a receipt from your veterinarian OR if you give the shots yourself, a receipt of the vaccine purchase with serial number and expiration date of the vaccine and date of vaccine administration.
Do NOT send copies of this to the secretary. Do not bring to the show office. It is NOT show management's responsibility. The responsiblity falls on the person responsible for the horse.  You May Be Asked by a veterinarian for this paperwork!
& refreshments At The Event.....
Friday April 15: Course walk Compeitior's refreshments and finger food from 3:00-7:00pm @ the Start Box on XC. Competitor gets one ticket, $5 guest fee, send with entry, email Event Secretary or purchase at check-in.
Saturday April 16: Buffet style dinner at the Gordon Wright Pavillion from 6:00-8:00 pm. Competitor gets one ticket, $10 guest fee, send with entry, email Event Secretary or purchase at check-in.
FINAL Entry Status Report......As of April 11th
Those of you who have been bumped will know it if your name no longer appears on this list! 
If your name appears on this list with missing items, you will be charged a $20 late fee 
Want to School the XC Course at FENCE on Sunday the 17th of April????  click here to find out more about how to make this happen!

Are you competing in the STARTER DIVISION???

If you are competing in the Starter Division be aware that there is an ERROR in the Omnibus.....you will NOT be using 2011 USDF Intro A Test.....
INSTEAD you WILL be riding the 2015 USDF Intro A Test.  
It is still Intro A but it is the 2015 version of the test!!!!!!
click here to download the 2015 USDF Intro A Dressage Test 

If you are the friend / parent / trainer of someone competing in the Starter Division PLEASE make sure they know of change in the Starter Divisoin dressage to the 2015 version of USDF Intro A
How Can I be assured of getting my Stall Deposit back???
Good Question, your horse's stall must be stripped. That means all shavings and manure must be removed from your horse's stall....think broom!
Who will be the photographer ?
Liz Crawley Photography 864-415-3018
A visual bit inspection is required (EV115.3b).  If you or your groom cannot present the bita bit checker, with a fresh glove, will assist. The goal is to have a full view of the bit. 


If you opt for a bit check AFTER your test you must inform the bit checker of this and remain at the out gate of the dressage arena where you have ridden your test until the bit checker has come to review your bit. At the Kidd Barn and at the front of the Infield Barns a stall has been set aside for a bit check if your horse requires you to remove the bridle for inspection after your test. 

Please ADJUST your DRESSAGE WARM-UP accordingly to ensure you arrive at your arena ON TIME so as not to be eliminated!!!!!

USEA Collegiate Team Challenge
FENCE is once again thrilled to be hosting the College Team Challenge!

Colleges and universities with eventing teams will compete on both an individual level and as part of their team. These schools are also encouraged to send alumnae teams. The scoring is done so that all levels compete on an even playing field.  There will be separate ribbons and prizes for the winning school as well as a ton of bragging rights!  Please contact FENCE HT Secretary betzelfarm@hotmail.com for more information and to sign your school up for the Challenge

We love hosting y'all in College Town!


Scratch Team Challenge

FENCE Horse Trials is once again thrilled to offer the exciting Scratch Team Challenge to all competitors already entered in the horse trials!

So what is the scoop on Scratch Teams?
Teams consist of 3 or 4 riders competing in the same Division (P, T, N, BN, or Starter). The best three weighted scores will be used to determine final team standings.  There is NO ADDITIONAL FEE to compete as a team! Prizes will be awarded to the first place winners of each division at the conclusion of the event.

What does it take to be on a scratch team???
get together with 2 or 3 other people at your level and form a team...they can be juniors or amateurs or professionals, so long as everyone is competing at the same level i.e. all at P, T, Novice or all at BN, Starter etc.

What if I don't know anyone????  Scratch teams are a perfect way to make new friends!  Just let the secretary know when you send in your entry that you want to be placed on a scratch team...simple as that!

If You are entering the BEG NOVICE Division things you need to know:
Beginner Novice Riders: USEA requires all Beginner Novice Riders to have a USEA ID number. ID numbers do not require membership and can be created by going to the USEA home page www.useventing.com    and clicking on Online Services. Click "New User?" to create a profile. 

Beginner Novice Horses: USEA requires that all horses competing at the Beginner Novice level should be registered with at least a restricted status. There is no cost to register a horse with restricted status, but the owner or rider must have a USEA ID number to register the horse.

Beginner Novice Competitors: Do you want your competition results to count for the year-end leaderboard and be saved on your record? Do you want to qualify for the AEC? If so, register with the USEA before your next competition. The USEA will extend a 14-day grace period for Beginner Novice level riders and to join the USEA, renew their memberships or to register their horse. Please note, this applies to the Beginner Novice level only.

If You are entering the NOVICE or Above Division things you need to know:
Novice and above Horses and Riders: USEA mandates that all riders and horse competing in USEA recognized competitions at the Novice Level and above must have a valid competing USEA horse registration and USEA Membership. ALL foreign competitors including Canada and Mexico must have a valid USEA membership and horse registration to compete.

Competitors who enter events at the Novice level and above without benefit of membership will be denied entry to all USEA recognized competitions.