Hey FRC Members.....Let's Go Over The River & Through The Woods....

 In a carriage, of course!! 


Join FRC and Carolina Carriage Club  for a Carriage Driving Clinic  using Carriage Club Member's Ponies & Rigs....

June 11 from 9:30 til noon. 

Green Creek Miniature Horse Farm 

9401 Hwy. 9 South - Columbus, NC 


This special opportunity is limited to 12 participants that are current members of Foothills Riding Club - so hurry and get signed up! 

Call or Text KC Betzel at 702-300-4455 or email betzelfarm@hotmail.com 


Learn to Harness   

Hitch & Drive!

FRC's Day at the Races...

– by Stacey Quaranta 

I absolutely love steeplechase days.  I love women in fabulous hats and men in bow ties and bright colored pants.  I love mint juleps in silver cups.  I love that it’s the only day of the year where pimento cheese sandwiches pairs well with a nice, crisp Riesling.  In my mind, steeplechase day marks the first day of a southern spring, where the entire town comes out under a blanket of Carolina Blue skies to soak in the sun, the smell of horses and the sight of jockey silks.  This year, the Foothills Riding Club was part of the 70th running of the Blockhouse Steeplechase, providing a tent on vendor row as a way to network with the community.   

When the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club sent out an email regarding vendor space at this year’s steeplechase, the FRC Board jumped at the opportunity.  Not only was it a way to advertise the FRC, it also provided an excellent and fun excuse for the club to do community outreach, a vital part of our non-profit organization and mission.  In keeping with this mission, the FRC provided free waters, sweets, T-shirts, and snacks for everyone visiting the booth.  At the end of the day there were three raffles.  One drawing was done for a free 2016 membership to the FRC and the other two drawings were for the lovely baskets filled to the brim with wine, candy and treats.   

Throughout the day the booth was filled with brightly coiffed patrons, sipping ice cold water, eating warm cookies and iced petit fours off lovely silver platters.  As the horses would gallop by, spectators would step outside to cheer their favorite horse and jockey but the FRC tent was there to provide snacks in between races.  A well-received respite from the sun and a noticeable hit with the community, the FRC hopes to make the Blockhouse Steeplechase an annual event!  

Rain Rot, Scratches & More.....

On May 18th, an animated  Dr. Emilie Setlakwe of Tryon Equine Hospital spoke to a crowd of more than 50 people at The Landrum Depot.  What made this evening such a popular go-to event????  Why Skin Care Issues of course!  It is that time of year again where our horse’s legs get “The Grunge”  and Dr. Emilie explained all in an informative Q&A format complete with photos from current local case studies.


Dr. Emilie explained that many skin issues are the result of an auto immune dysfunction .  Many more are the result of our damp, hot, humid environment.   Dr. Emilie’s go-to diagnostic tool is skin biopsy to know for sure what she needs to treat to ensure a speedy recovery and minimal discomfort for the horse.   She explained the difference between Dermatitis – skin reaction pattern such as Scratches vs. Cellulitis – deep infection which can damage the leg and needs veterinary intervention ASAP.


The Powerpoint presentation was interactiave….. Dr. Emilie showed pictures of skin conditions, many angry-looking oozing sores, she described what the patient was presenting and the audience had to guess what the condition was.  Four of these correct guesses won a prize of Omega 3 supplements courtesy of Kentucky Equine Research, provided courtesy of Tryon Equine Hospital!  Fatty acid supplementation is beneficial for allergic reactions and easy to incorporate into the horse’s diet….consult your vet for an appropriate choice for your horse.  Bottom line, minimize the opportunity for bacteria to take a hold on your horse…..keep your horse’s legs clipped, cleanse with antimicrobial shampoo & keep as dry as possible, modify the environment or turnout regime.


Different skin diseases can present very similarily to others, intervene early!  From Ringworm to Melanomas to Sweet Itch to Hives to Scratches, the take-away for this writer was to get my horse seen by my vet ASAP in order to head off the potential of a much more serious infection.


Pictured with Dr. Emilie (2nd from right) are the winners of the supplement giveaway. Sadly we did not get their names.  Also pictured (1st from left) is FRC raffle drawing winner, member Elaine Jankin.

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