Rain Rot, Scratches & Hives, Oh My!!
Don't Get Scared, Get Educated.....

It's that time of year again. We live in a wet area which is great for growing hay but not so great for keeping your horse's skin and coat looking good. Please join Foothills Riding Club (FRC) in welcoming Dr. Emilie Setlakwe, of Tryon Equine Hospital, to out May Educational Seminar. Dr. Setlakwe will be discussing common and not so common equine skin diseases and and methods of treating and  preventing them. 


The first line of defense in battling  these pesky problems is to get good information and good treatment options. Dr. Setlakwe will arm us with the knowledge to achieve beauty and health in our equine partners.   


Come on out on May 18, 2016 to Landrum Depot,  211 N. Trade St. - in Landrum, South Carolina. As usual socializing begins at 6:30 with the talk following at 7pm


All FRC Seminars are free for FRC members. A $5.00 donation is suggested for non-members. You can join FRC at the Seminar and get in on all the benefits of membership with your all-discipline (including western dressage), local riding club. 

Words Of Wisdom...

An animated Ray Berta spoke to a packed room at FRC’s April Seminar, the 3rd in the year long series, at The Landrum Depot on Wednesday April 20th. Why was this so unusual??? Because if you attended Ray’s hands-on clinic, he is VERY low-key and quiet with the horses!


So what was the key take-away from the seminar? Get on the same page as your horse!  According to one attendee...." This was a very inspiring evening, took horsemanship to a whole new level"


Speaking of keys, Ray discussed his Seven Keys

  1. Work on yourself first….  It all begins with you, horses feel resistance, leave your anger, frustrations & time restraints at the barn door.
  2. Work from where the horse is……listen to what your horse is telling you. He may not be in the same place as yesterday but treat it like a building block
  3. Prepare the horse for each transition……everything we do with our horse is a transition. Being forced into something can make them run away from it…be in position & balance
  4. Direct and support the horse as softly as possible……help your horse learn to get soft, learn to yield and become a partner
  5. Encourage the horse to respond and relax……horses need encouragement. We have taken horses into our world – why would they want to do the things we ask of them? What’s in it for the horse?  Don’t make them go – make it difficult to not go!
  6. Allow the horse freedom to think and move……Try to think like a horse – there is great comfort in the herd!  Be their herd!
  7. Appreciate and reward the horse’s efforts……Release any pressure, mental as well as physical. Be your horse’s partner, be the lead partner, not the boss.  Softly scratch, rub, stroke (not pat, would you like someone pounding on you?) be soothing & reassuring, use that as a motivator.


Horses are amazingly intelligent – set them up to make the right choice, set them up for success – don’t confine them, allow them to choose correctly by shutting off other options. Learn what they live & live what they learn.  

Always a crowd favorite....the FRC Raffle!  Each meeting 2 winners are drawn - one member and one non-member, the non-member receiveing a 1 year membership.
Below in the first photo is Ray with FRC President Jodi Lees picking the lucky winners.... and the winners pictured with Ray are (from left to right) Katie Thompson - winner of FRC membership & Anna Levigne - winner of photo frame donated by The Hay Rack

FRC Scholarships


FRC is proud to be able to award four scholarships annually.  In order to qualify for an FRC Scholarship, you must be a current FRC member at the time of your application. Additionally, your request must be for a specific educational or competition purpose directly related to your riding discipline.  In exchange, scholarship recipients must give back to the club in some tangible way.

For further information on FRC Scholarship eligibility, rules and application form, click here for FRC Scholarship

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