Jump - A - Round

Because Fix-A-Test Clinics are NOT for Dressage Only!!!!!

Join us on September 10th at beautiful Motlow Creek Equestrian Center in Campobello SC for a jumping clinic with renown Grand Prix H/J Rider & Trainer Ashley Conkle!   Similar to a Dressage Fix-A-Test you will warm yourself up, go in and jump a course, Ashley will make suggestions for improvement then you will jump the course again.

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FRC Loves a Good Party.....
The FRC Volunteer Appreciation Party & Awards were held Friday Aug 19th at Harmon Field Cabin. Despite torrential rains, friends and loyal volunteers showed up for fun, food & camaraderie, in addition to some great awards!  

Be sure to join us on Nov 12th  for the FRC Year End Gala!
Educational Seminars resume.....
After a long hot humid summer FRC is proud to resume our Educational Seminar schedule on the third Wednesday of the month beginning September 21st at The Landrum Depot with Dr Bibi Freer.
Dr. Bibi will share her presentation, "You'll Never Look at Your Horse's Hooves The Same Again".

This promises to be a packed house so be sure to show up at The Landrum Depot, 6:30 for the social, presentation starts promptly at 7pm. Free for FRC members, suggested $5 donation for non-members.

Be sure to join us on Nov 12th  for the FRC Year End Gala!

FRC & USPC, Symbionics At Its Best!

penned by Susie McKinney

Being a military brat makes you enjoy all the initials organizations use but what do they mean?  It has been a fast learning curve to discover the world of horses and showing and we were lucky to be guided by USPC (United States Pony Club) and FRC.  USPC Championships East, USPCC, has concluded for 2016 after being held at the lovely TIEC, and I wish to thank the community that helped train, guide, mentor, and teach 30 local Pony club members, with nine dual FRC members to an exciting 2016 Championship.


Our family move from California resulted in the surf boards being traded in for a new pony and a whole new world.  Shortly after purchasing the pony we learned about Pony Club which saved us from ourselves as we knew nothing about equines. To further enhance our knowledge, Sandy Larson suggested we also join FRC. FRC?, “What is that?” FOOTHILLS RIDING CLUB! Why would we want to join a riding club when I am afraid for my DD to leave the barn? What a complete education we have received because of USPC and FRC. We have left the barn, followed FRC schooling shows and made wonderful friends and mentors in FRC.  Thank you! Our journey continues.


The thirty local Pony Clubbers attending Championships earned the right to attend with hard work and the ability to receive quality feedback at FRC shows.  The year to  Championships began with eager anticipation of the first FRC show so that each rider could see if the winter training was paying off. Will that dressage score be higher or lower? Oops! I mean better as our group is composed of Eventers, “lower”, dressage, “higher” and jumpers seeking control over that sweet spot.  Carolyn West, KC Betzel, and Margaret Freeman have the patience of Saints to continually shepard our group along with encouragement, lessons, support, and knowledge.  Schooling shows, XC training days, Ride-A-Test and education at the Depot, FRC fills a great need in our equestrian community.  2015 FRC awards dinner presented two Pony Club members with awards in two categories, both of these girls attended 2016 Champs at TIEC.  The year will be winding down but not before Pony Club with FRC help sends six riders to the AEC, American Eventing Championships at TIEC. OMG!






9 FRC members were part of the USPC Championships at TIEC this year. From River Valley Pony Club Emelia Fredrick  & Horsemaster Bette Mann participated in Eventing. Members from Greenville Foothills Pony Club were Hendley Welch and Reiss McKinney in Dressage; Rachel Wood, Sammi Messamer, Carolina Wilson & Abby Billiu in Eventing; Julia Gates in Show Jumping.


Foothills Riding Club polishes the USPC rider helping them to succeed! A successful partnership as demonstrated by the 30 Champs qualifiers, and 6 AEC qualifiers.  We will see  you this Fall at the Jump-A-Clinic and the last schooling shows.  Come cheer for your members at the AEC championships!

Photography Session with Erik Olsen!

An intimate group took advantage of lots of individualized attention from Erik Olsen at FRC’s July Educational Seminar.  The venue was beautiful Motlow Creek Equestrian Center in Campobello, SC on a balmy summer evening….could not have been more perfect!

Erik generously shared his wealth of knowledge covering MANY aspects of shooting techniques such as…….

Beginning with conformation shots, he covered the basics of how to stand up the horse properly. Erik also emphasized the need to use a camera, not a phone, tablet or iPad for conformation shots because of distortion. Erik did share that he will pull out his own phone on occasion but only for landscape, sunset or wide angle shots. We all learned the importance of checking our camera equipment at home before you leave to shoot, as one participant discovered the battery on her camera was dead so she had to use her phone!

Portraits – model Reiss McKinney and her lovely paint Huck walked between fence lines for artistic shots.

Live riders – so the photographers could learn about and practice following the timing of the rhythm of the horse.

Comments from one participant…“  Another really super pointer was when Erik told us to watch the front leg hitting the ground for the trot picture and the inside hind leg hitting the ground for the canter.  Also, to sort of ride the stride before the jump to get the jump picture. “

KC Betzel and her mustang Zak provided ample opportunity for camera operators to try to get the timing of shots just right in trot & canter as well as lateral movements of half pass and leg yield.

Jumping – Reiss and Huck made another appearance, this time under saddle and jumped a coop. Erik emphasized NOT using the camera’s motor drive, but to ride every stride with the horse 3 strides out from the jump (counting to yourself if that is helpful) in order to capture the horse and rider directly over the rail in the air.

Silhouettes – Erik briefly covered  shooting creatively using natural lighting…. the sun on the horse, or shooting from inside a dark barn into the light

To sum up, one participant shared……

“A big take away from the evening for me was not to be afraid of moving around and taking shots.  Erik was also good at helping us find the good places to stand to get the good angles with the shot.  My expectations for the evening were not specific.  However, I found that my interests and desire for photography increased, especially after I came home and worked with the photos in post production.  When I had shown Erik a photo that I thought was too dark, he said it was good, and I would see that when I looked at it on the computer.  Yes, he was right!  Do I want more?  YES!  The evening showed me there is much to learn and I want to learn more!!!”


Due to time restraints (we only had 90 minutes and Erik packed a TON into that short bit of time!) Erik was not able to get too much into the technical and mechanics of camera settings. Erik is hoping to offer a more in-depth seminar this coming fall!


It was a fun evening and the group was supportive and interested.

FRC Scholarships


FRC is proud to be able to award four scholarships annually. In order to qualify for an FRC Scholarship, you must be a current FRC member at the time of your application. Additionally, your request must be for a rare educational opportunity or clinic or a championship competition purpose directly related to your riding discipline. In exchange, scholarship recipients must give back to the club in some tangible way.

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